"Thank you Mary,

It was an amazing night! I was MOST impressed with the way the two dance groups blended, melded, collaborated. It showed what they were talking about, the integration of traditional and contemporary art forms, in the way they worked—very powerful. I spoke with an employee from Freightliner, our Presenting Sponsor, who said she was so moved that she was crying during the dance sets.

Please let all the dancers know again how much we appreciated their participation in the 2005 Washington Park Summer Festival. Painted Sky provided a perfect ending to a long run of great performances."

Kristan Knapp
Production Coordinator
Summer Concerts Program
Portland Parks & Recreation

For the Generations

For the Generations
Airs on national public television in May 2010: OPB, in partnership with Painted Sky, presents "For the Generations," a Native American story and performance reconnecting the Voices and Heritage of the First Peoples of this Land. In this one of kind documentary, Native American performing artists weave together tradtional and modern music to speak the stories of Native Nations. To learn more, go to Inside OPB at http://www.opb.org/insideopb/opbnews/ or http://pressroom.opb.org/programs/forthegenerations.

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: To be a sponsor and have name identification to a Live Benefit Concert of National Native American Performing Artists profiled in documentary, contact Mary Hager at 503.887.0671 or please use inquiry form on website.

For the Generations” Celebrity Endorsement Quotes:

Robert Mirabal: Singer, Advisor to Painted Sky
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVP9fXDjLmA&feature=related
My Space: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=183745275

This year's Grammy Award Winner Robert Mirabal for his album Johnny Whitehorse:
“For the Generations” surpasses documentary, shaping Native American music and dance into a very powerful performance and story.  This is truly a groundbreaking production.”

Doug Greenberg: Executive Director of the Shoah Foundation
Video: http://college.usc.edu/vhi/cms/generalvideo.php
 Shoah Foundation Founder Steven Spielberg … http://college.usc.edu/vhi/pr/AFH_Apr2007.php

"For the Generations links music, dance, culture, and history and illuminates the power of the arts to tell stories that can change the world."

Doug Greenberg 
Professor of History
Executive Director
USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and

American Indian College Fund At Wieden & Kennedy
Jonas Greene: Marekting Director

"For years, Painted Sky has wowed audiences with their profound performances that blend dance, music, and theater elements, both traditional and contemporary. Extending these concepts to television is a natural transition and we anticipate the content will have a great amount of intellectual value."


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