"Painted Sky/Northstar performed at our Diversity Assembly in March of 2005. Afterwards the group provided workshops for interested students.

Having heard from students on campus that Painted Sky was such a good act, we scheduled them to appear last. They did not disappoint. One member of the group started by presenting information about what we were about to see. Dressed in full regalia, the group provided not only outstanding dance performances, but were also visually exciting to watch. Their display incorporated lecture, chanting, drums, traditional native dance and even aspects of hip hop. Afterwards, dance and informational workshops were held which were given thumbs up by the students who participated.

Even two years later, kids and staff members remember the Painted Sky performance. Our Native Community had reason to feel great pride that day — Painted Sky provided a memorable event."

Bonnie C. Heaton
Diversity Club Advisor
Beaverton High School

Workshops & Outreach

Assembly Programs 

Painted Sky offers an assortment of presentations in dance, movement, music, and storytelling. Our assemblies are designed to offer an exciting combination of performance, narration and audience participation, and to complement a variety of curriculum strands including music, dance, health and fitness, and career education.  Our goal is to help students learn to appreciate the performing arts and develop an awareness of Native cultural history and diversity. Corresponding residency programs are available for many programs and can be scheduled before or after the performance to give students a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art form.

Things to consider when scheduling an assembly performance:

Residency and Workshop Programs

For more details about scheduling an assembly or workshop, please click on booking or general information inquiry and submit.

We look forward to working with you …
Karen Kitchen
Outreach Director


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